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Flow Solution 3700 Automated Chemistry Analyzer

Expand your labs capabilities with this limited-time offer and get two chemistry cartridges for the price of one! We offer a variety of chemistry cartridges for the popular Flow Solution 3700 Automated Chemistry Analyzer.
This offer makes it the perfect time to try our innovative gas diffusion chemistries for Ammonia/TKN and Total Cyanide or any of our other cartridges. *Offer does not include phenol cartridges

TOC Trade-In Program

Trade in your old TOC analyzer today for a powerful combustion TOC analyzer that can accurately analyze the most difficult samples with minimal maintenance. OI Analytical's new, award-winning 1080 Combustion TOC Analyzer, has game-changing technologies that provide incredible accuracy, serviceability, ease of use, and a low cost of ownership. For a limited time only, take advantage of our TOC Trade-In Program. Learn more about the program HERE or contact us today!

מבצעים מהמלאי

מבצע 20%– הנחה על מכשירים חדשים מהמלאי כולל אחריות, נא ללחוץ כאן לפרטים.

בוחשים מגנטים מתקדמים ללא חלקים נעים:

MIX15 eco

Stirring points: 15. Stirring volume / stirring point: 1 – 1,500 ml. Speed range: 120 – 1,200 rpm. Operation conditions: -10°C up to 50°C (at 80% humidity) Dimensions: 245(W)x425(D)x38(H) / mm.
מחיר רגיל: 5,572 ₪
מחיר מבצע: 4,460 ₪


Stirring volume: 1 – 3,000 ml. Speed range: 100 – 2,000 rpm. Operation conditions: -10°C up to 50°C (at 80% humidity).
Dimensions: 188(W)x238(D)x44(H) / mm.

מחיר רגיל: 4,832 ₪
מחיר מבצע: 3,864 ₪

Labomag 1×1

Stirring points: 1. Stirring volume / stirring point (H2O): 1,000 ml. Speed range: 100 – 1,350 rpm. Dimensions: 155(W)x38(H)x175(D) / mm.

מחיר רגיל: 3,156 ₪
מחיר מבצע: 2,524 ₪
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