We offer autoclaves with capacities varying from 25 to 195 litres, with an option for side or top loader. There are two types of autoclaves, the economic autoclave that can also come with the option of rapid re-cooling. The regular model that comes with several options; rapid re-cooling, fan and vacuum. The autoclaves come in three basic colours (according to clients’ request) blue, green and red.


– The sterilization of liquids in open or partly open bottles.

– The sterilization of tools.

– The sterilization of biological refuse.

Laboklav 25

Laboklav ECO 80-135

Laboklav 55-195

  • Click here to download the catalogue for autoclaves.

  • For further information you can contact our offices: 972-8-9474141 ext. 2

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