Scientific Equipment

We offer a variety of hotplates, magnetic stirrers and heated magnetic stirrers, Digiblocks, Speed-Vac and Rotary evaporators.


We offer high quality hotplates manufactured by Labtech Srl. The plates heat up to 450°C with extra large heating surface.

Magnetic Stirrers

A variety of magnetic stirrers for different applications and stirring a variety of liquids - from µL and up to 1000L.

Heated Magnetic Stirrers

Stirring points: 6. Stirring volume / stirring point: 1 – 1,500 ml. Speed range: 100 – 2,000 rpm. Max. temperature: +200°C. Dimensions: 250(W)x430(D)x75(H) / mm.


The Digiblock is suited for samples for ICP and a variety of other analytical systems.

Speed Vac

The best method to evaporate liquids from solids is with a system that freeze dries using a speed-vac which captures the liquid with a cold trap.

Rotary Evaporator

A great solution for sample making for different applications such as pharmaceuticals, foods, chemistry, QC and environmental industries.

For further information you can contact our offices: 972-8-9474141 ext. 2

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