Incubators & Climatic Chambers

We offer a selection of quality incubators starting from 45L up to 1460 L, each model has a smart control system (WiFi optional). Based on clients’ requests and needs, accessories and shakers for incubators can be added.

Cooled incubators

We offer high quality cooled incubators manufactured by Pol-Eko Aparatura, capacity between 50 to 1,460 litres. Temperature ranges from 10°C to 100°C.

Laboratory incubators

We offer quality laboratory incubators manufactured by Pol-Eko Aparatura. We have a high range of sizes, from 15 litres to 1,005 litres, with temperature from 5°C above ambient temperature to 100°C.

Laboratory shakers

We offer quality laboratory shakers manufactured by Pol-Eko Aparatura. Speed range is 30 rpm to 500 rpm and they work inside most types of incubators.

Climatic chambers

We offer high quality climatic chambers manufactured by Pol-Eko Aparatura, capacity 110 to 1,470 litres. Temperature range is between –10°C to 60°C.


  • For further information you can contact our offices: 972-8-9474141 ext. 2

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