Meir – Science Technologies

Since 2003, Meir – Science Technologies have been at the forefront in the scientific industry. Our team, comprised of highly trained and qualified engineers, has over thirty years of experience. We continue to train and update our team of all newest developments and inventions in the field.

We have a wide range of customers from many fields in the scientific industry including Biology, Food, Chemistry, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical, both from the private sector and the public sector.

Meir – Science Technologies specializes in several aspects:

  • Importing, selling and marketing scientific equipment.
  • Trade-in, acquiring and selling second-hand scientific equipment.
  • Providing maintenance service for new and second-hand equipment.
  • Calibration of many types of scientific equipment according to the manufacturer's instructions, including providing the necessary certificates at the end of each process.
  • Consulting, developing and implementing "prototypes" based on clients' requirements.

Meir – Science Technologies

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