Cold Storage

Cold and deep freeze storage is necessary in any laboratory in order to preserve samples and raw materials for many years. At Meir – Science Technologoes, our clients can enjoy a wide range of products in cold storage. Amongst our many products are Low Temperature (LT) freezers (up to -45 Celsius) and Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) freezers (up to -86 Celsius). We also have blood bank refrigerators as well as accesories suited to cold storage. Our suppliers manufactor these products in the highest quality.

Laboratory Refrigerators

We offer quality refrigerators manufactured by Pol-Eko Aparatura ranging from 70 litres up to 1,460 litres. Temperature ranges from 0°C to 15°C.

Low Temperature Freezers

We offer Low-Temperature freezers up to -86°C, ranging from desktop sizes (35 litres) up to large capacities of 1,000 litres.
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